Empowering people with complex chronic diseases to live the life they want

About 5% of Americans, many with complex chronic diseases, account for 50% of our country’s $3.8 trillion medical spending. The individuals’ health and quality of life continue to decline despite using a disproportionate amount of health care services. 

Traditional disease management isn’t working

People living with complex chronic diseases have multiple ongoing conditions that worsen over time when uncontrolled. Our current reactive and fragmented health care system is not designed to address this. Navigating care is frustrating for patients and providers alike.

COVID-19 has made the situation worse

People are delaying essential care or avoiding it entirely during the pandemic. Also, despite the advances in therapeutics, medical devices, and digital solutions for chronic diseases, the last mile for curbing disease progression and cost is the individual’s behavior change. ZealCare is creating a new paradigm shift in chronic disease care.

Par·a·digm (noun): a system of beliefs, ideas, and values that form thinking about the real world

Empowering individuals through behavior change

Our innovative care model is high-touch and hyper-personalized yet coordinated with the health care team. We help people achieve their optimal health and well-being through enabling behavior changes. The ZealCare combination empowers individuals to be active participants in improving their health in partnership with their provider. We also address the social drivers of health needed to achieve the best outcomes.

It’s time for a tech-enabled, whole-person approach

Our next-gen approach combines 20 years of evidence-based care models developed and validated by the Duke Center for Personalized Health Care. We have adapted and enhanced these models to provide a new paradigm for managing complex chronic diseases. It incorporates physical, mental, and emotional health based on the patient’s values, needs, and goals for sustained behavior change.

Par-tic-ipant (noun): a person who shares or takes part in something